Energy and Your Health – Part 4

We move on to part 4, and explore this other piece of holistic health, and how it relates to you. Watch the video Get caught up with past videos: Intro Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:   Learn more about how Kalusion Health & Harmony incorporates energy into a holistic wellness […]

Flawless Friday – Password Reset???

Flawless Friday is a day dedicated to reminding you that you are already amazing. You are the most absolutely perfect you in this very moment. So take a moment to appreciate you.   Today’s suggestion for Flawless Friday is a password reset. Now, I realize that doesn’t sound real sexy, but bear with me for […]

The Best Gift a Mom Can Give

I often prescribe self-care to Mom’s. I post Facebook statuses ad nauseam instructing women to nurture and love themselves. I have even jokingly gone so far as to make someone confirm that they would with a yes ma’am. Yet, I still get the glazed over, yeah sure okay response from most women. Then recently, my […]