Energy and Your Health Part 2

  We move on to part 2, and explore this other piece of holistic health, and how it relates to you. Watch the video Get caught up with past videos: Intro Part 1 Learn more about how Kalusion Health & Harmony incorporates energy into a holistic wellness program at Advertisements

Hump Day Harmony: Shifting to Joy!

If you’ve been paying any attention to what I’m up to online lately, you may be a little sick of #mygift. Haha, that’s ok. If you haven’t been paying attention, let me give you a quick recap of the #mygift challenge. #MyGift is the gift that you give to yourself. December can be hectic, and when […]

I Love Me! – 4 Ways to Rekindle Your Love Affair with Yourself

Just in time for February’s celebration of love, we take a look at your first love – YOU! If you feel like you’ve lost that loving feeling, here are some ways to rekindle your love affair with yourself. 1. Compliment yourself daily At the beginning of your day, when you look in the mirror to […]

The Best Gift a Mom Can Give

I often prescribe self-care to Mom’s. I post Facebook statuses ad nauseam instructing women to nurture and love themselves. I have even jokingly gone so far as to make someone confirm that they would with a yes ma’am. Yet, I still get the glazed over, yeah sure okay response from most women. Then recently, my […]