My huge challenge to myself this December #MyGift



Last year, after the holidays, I created a vision board, and I must say it was wildly successful. I achieved everything I put on that board, which was a major accomplishment, however, there was one goal where I really ebbed and flowed. It was my goal to do something indulgent for myself EVERY day. Now, by indulgent I don’t mean spending every single day at the spa; sometimes accepting someone’s offer of help is an indulgence for me, or accepting a compliment. Yet these are things I must absolutely do, or the offers will stop coming.

I have written in the past about the importance of making yourself a priority, and not back burnering (I’m going to copyright that word) your needs. It is such a valuable read, and definitely worth the couple of minutes it takes to click and read through it.

I decided that for the month of December, I would really challenge myself and hold myself accountable. I will post one thing I have done for myself every day with #mygift. I’m a little nervous going into this challenge, but you don’t truly create new habits until you declare your intentions to the world, so here goes. I invite you to join me by posting the gifts you give yourself and hashtag it #mygift. Please share them to the Kalusion Health & Harmony page, so I can be sure to read them all, and get some inspiration. Here we go!


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