Kalusion is Moving!

Much like my other two children, Kalusion was born in St. Petersburg, FL. Yet here we are looking to move all of them to another state – Raleigh, NC. It’s amazing how the universe is unfolding opportunities for you, and how freaking brave you have to be to grab them. We saw the opportunity before us, and knew we couldn’t let fear or comfort stop us from seizing it. We had to be willing to get really uncomfortable and push into the unknown trusting only our guts.

It’s an exciting, uncomfortable, butterflies in the belly, holy crap – what am I doing? time. Yet, no matter how happy I am to go to an area that I love with FOUR actual seasons, I also mourn leaving the incredible, amazing community I leave behind in St. Pete. I have always loved it here, and have been here my entire adult life having arrived fresh after college graduation. I will miss the wonderful friends I have made here, and find myself actually grateful for Facebook, knowing I will be able to keep up with everyone.

As far as the business goes, I am still here for you. I am coaching families virtually, and my teas and granola can come right to your door step now. It is also my hope to offer video of Chakra Flow movement sessions in the future. So, even though we won’t be physically together, we also won’t be apart.


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