Is Willpower the Problem, or Is It Something Else?

Have you ever been in a scenario like this?

You set a goal to lose 20 lb (numbers may vary).  You are armed with the perfect diet this time.  Your mom’s friend’s aunt lost 150 lb on this diet of eating blueberry and kale smoothies all day and a sensible meal for dinner (diets may vary – the blueberry kale smoothie diet is not an actual diet).  You can’t go wrong this time, but somewhere along the way you fall off track, you feel ashamed and self-defeated.  Then you give up.

This is pretty common, but there’s something you should know.  Many people have a hard time giving up their favorite junk foods because the foods have been developed to trigger pleasure points in the brain.  Guess what else triggers pleasure points in the brain?  Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, drugs.  Yes, addictive substances.  Guess what is added to these foods to trigger pleasure points?  Sugar!

Sugar is added to 80% of pre-packaged foods, and sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.  So when that monster inside your head is screaming I need that doughnut at 4pm, it really thinks it does.  Breaking an addiction is extremely tough.  That’s why there is no shame in seeking outside support and accountability with a reputably trained health coach, or a dependable friend or family member to ensure your success.

I think everyone should be successful in achieving their health goals because something more devastating happens in the scenario in the beginning than a person not losing weight.  The real tragedy occurs when a person gives up on themselves.  They lose confidence, and don’t go after the things they really want in life feeling they don’t deserve it.  That should never happen because you deserve health and happiness unconditionally!

2 thoughts on “Is Willpower the Problem, or Is It Something Else?

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