Why I’m Inspired

Yes, I am a Holistic Health Coach.  But what you may not know is why.  Prior to my work in Wellness, I worked in Human Services.  I assisted so many people towards their goals for health, independence, employment, and stability.  It was difficult work, but I loved it. I knew I was put on this earth to support people.  However, I started to notice that what so many people needed the most support with could have actually been very easy to prevent.  So many little signs ignored, so many minor lifestyle adjustments avoided, and the result was a major disease or disability.

I knew there was more that I could do.  I had to help people realize they absolutely deserve good health and happiness today, and in the future without punishing themselves.  I wanted people to feel good so they can be their best for their families today, and feel great for their retirements later.  I truly believe that if my entire community was content than it would be an amazing community to live in, and that the happiness of our community will spread to other communities until the whole world is content.

I know it’s an ambitious vision, but I am doing my part to get it started.  That’s why I have developed the 6 week Sugar Buster Group Program.  Sugar is an addictive substance, and is responsible for significant mental and physical health problems.  We crave it, and giving in only makes us crave more.  When we give it up we experience withdrawal symptoms.  An overabundance of sugar in our systems can lead to major illnesses such as Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, and Cancer.  Before those arrive we have warning signs such as anxiety, mood swings, brain fogginess, headaches, skin problems, and more.

The goal of the 6 week program is to help you identify your personal goal, and support you in working towards it.  Everyone is at a different place in their journey, and wherever they are is perfect.  This will take you to your next level.  You will have access to weekly informational and interactive group coaching calls as well as a forum where all members of the group are encouraged to share their goals, struggles, ideas, recipes, and support.  Our first session will be this Thursday October 3, 2013, so hurry and register to find balance before the holidays hit!

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